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The A-team is a FAKKU clan found by waar. There is no official name for this clan, as A-team is an unofficial name that was created by Sindalf. They are regarded as the most influential group on the forums, with several moderators and administrators in their member list, as well as connections to many prominent fansub groups. They are responsible for almost all significant events that publicly occur on FAKKU today. Unlike most clans, they do not have a thread on the forums, opting to use Skype instead. The members engage in both IM and voice chats as their primary method of communication.

Not much is known about the A-team's history as it is a highly private clan. New members are welcome on a 'trial' basis so long as the existing members have no complaints, but may be banned on a whim.

Nekochan is a stupid bitch. No one likes her.