Stylized depiction of what Antw0n may really look like

Antw0n (formerly I am Antw0n) is a user who frequently posts in Incoherent Babbling and rarely anywhere else, except for threads and general lurking in Figures, Mecha, and Toys.

He's best known for his obsession with Tegumi, extensive knowledge and obsession with the Gundam series, and God-like MS Paint skills. Known also for coining the phrase "mothercunter".

Antw0n has received many affectionate nicknames from other users, including Ant, Antwunz, Antone, Cuntw0n, Fagw0n, Anty, and more.

Antw0n considers artcellrox his soul-brother, with Antw0n as the 'younger brother'.

Antw0n was at one point in a relationship with the user Eluria_Laeh.

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