Damoz is a member of fakku most commonly found in the Incoherent Babbling section of the forums. Somewhat known for his rather unreasonable love for his forum waifu Rebecca Miyamoto. He endevors to spam random pics of her throughout the forums and is currently working on his own set of meme's for her.
Joining the forums shortly before christmas, deciding it to be a place not full of bronies and faggots, Became a member of the community. It is unknown if anyone cares for his existence at all, but he stays also for reasons totally unknown.
About all that is known about this user is he is a pizza maker from the land of kangaroos, koalas and bogans (living in the same city as Devsonfire, even though they never met each other, and probably never will). And spends little time actually doing anything of any purpose.
Perhaps the most famous attribute of this user is the incredible beard he harboured for a while before being forced to shave it. This makes me a sad panda a very sad panda indeed. Legend has it that the beard was really the larvae form of a creature that had the capacity to bring about 4th Impact.
(more will be added when anyone can be bothered)