A section of Fakku where users are able to discuss anything relevant to the culinary arts. Users have the ability to post recipes, ask questions about cooking, and discuss edible favorites. Featured stickies includes the FAQ titled "Ask Me Anything". Retired admin Nikon was well known for helping users here with their culinary woes, a role more recently assumed by user Longevity/Classy.

Top Chef Fakku ContestEdit

Top Chef Fakku is a monthy contest within the cooking section, started in January of 2011. Each month has a featured ingredient or theme, and contestants are judged based on good plate design and food presentation, and how well the recipe fits the theme. Winners are chosen through a public poll during the first five days of the subsequent month. Prizes include +reputation from the contest runner Nekohime and the chance to choose the theme for the month after next (e.g. January entries are judged in February, and the winner gets to pick the theme for March).