A section of the Fakku forums where users can find news and releases that have been posted on the main page. The front page caters for polls that give user feedback to the administrators of Fakku, and reflect popular trends and thoughts among the user base. Users can find information about up and coming conventions, where Fakku staff will be spreading information about the site.

An example of an update:

"There were a few problems around the site that have been fixed. The 
translator information pages have been broken for about a week or so, they 
are now working again. So go ahead and check out the pages for redCoMet 

There was also a bug within the user favorite system where empty favorite 
slots were not displaying properly. And since they were not being displayed,
they could not be replaced and users could not add new favorites. This has
been fixed. So everyone with a registered account should log in and go add 
your favorite manga to your favorites page. Just click "Add to Favorites" on
any view manga page.

But moving on to the point of this post, I would like some feedback on the 
new (now old) redesign. When it was first released there was a lot of hate 
on the horizontal post stats on the forums, but I hope everyone has grown 
used to and now love it. Because I do. Other than fixing the images section,
what things do you think can be improved on the site?"
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