A section of the Fakku forums in which users can post about anime as a general topic. This includes threads that discuss which anime is best, which have the best plotlines, characters etc, as well as general trends and specific nuances of particular series' or genres. Featured stickies include the "Anime Suggestion List". Topics made for general discussion of a series can be found in the Specific Anime Series forum.

An example of a post made in this section:

"To start off, let me inform everyone that this thread may contain possible 
spoilers for a number of anime titles, especially if you are one who does 
not catch up with the latest anime-related news/gossip. Of course, spoiler 
tags will be used, so read on if you feel like doing so.

The inspiration for such a topic came about after reading the various 
discussions on Gundam 00. Since the series is coming to end soon, I am 
curious as to what everyone thinks with regards to the relationship between 
Saji Crossroad and Louise Halevy. Do you think they will have a happy ending
or will they end up as another pair of tragic anime couple? As much as I 
hope for the former, the history of Gundam and mecha titles says otherwise, 
where most of the deranged characters tend to be killed off.

Moving back to the main topic, are there any other tragic anime couples whom
you believe deserves better?"