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girutiya is a member of the Fakku forums best known for his contributions to the Nosebleed and Art and Digital Graphics forum sections. As well as building a significant portfolio of artwork in his personal art thread (link adjacent), he has created numerous threads in Nosebleed covering a variety of subjects, and will often add new content to whole pages of threads at a time, as well as requesting posts from other members in old threads to solve the issue of double posting. These actions have garnered him high reputation in a short space of time. girutiya can also often be found in Chat Topics and Forum Games.

Often speaks in a polite manner, girutiya addresses almost all his fellow users with sir/miss and always uses capital letters whenever he calls a person's name. His avatars are usually GIFs of characters from the popular manga/anime Mahou Sensei Negima?!. Joined on June 6, 2010.