Until late-2007, FAKKU had an expansive image section spanning tens of thousands of images. Once the section got large enough, Raze was appointed Image Moderator. After several iterations of the Image Section, it was taken offline due to bandwidth issues and was replaced with the Nosebleed forum in Spring 2009. While it still has a standing link via the homepage and catergories that follow, the Image section continues to be a unfinished section of the site.

Nosebleed SectionEdit

Located in the Incoherent Babbling section of the site, Nosebleed is a massive community image section. Millions of threads are created to help users swap and identify pictures based on a particular hentai artist, fetish, anime series, manga series, etc. While Nosebleed is a fairly free environment as far as requesting and posting images go, rules still apply. Prohibited catergories include lolicon/shotacon, scat, erotic guro/heavy mutilation, and beastiality. On June 23rd 2010, Jacob posted a warning thread on posting lolicon.

For easy navigation, the user smashspite composed a list of all of the existing topics created in Nosebleed to prevent flooding via repetitive request topics and for quick findings.