A section of the Fakku Forum in which users can talk about manga, doujinshi and videos that are hentai related. Posts in this section are similar to those found in the manga and anime discussion sections; the only difference being that they are centered around hentai. A typical thread may contain suggestions, post threads where users contribute material related to the thread and questions or polls related to hentai. This section is home to the "FAKKU Translations" and "Manga Review" subforums.

An example of a post in this section:

"I'm curious as to what other doujin artist/circles people enjoy.
Personaly, when I think about it...

Studio Katsudon
Tony Taka
Kisaragi Gunma
Udon-Ya Fantasy Wind

...are just some of the few that i can really appreciate their style of drawing. Of course, there are a whole lot more others that are good but these are the ones that first come to mind."