A section of the Fakku Forum where newer and older users alike can introduce themselves to the rest of the community. Featured sticky threads include the "Introduction Guide", a thread with words of encouragement from administrator Jacob. This forum has courted controversy, as posts here add to a user's post count (unlike in Incoherent Babbling), despite being widely similar.

An example of a post in this section:

"I've actually been downloading from Fakku for a while, but only really 
came onto the forums about a week ago. I finished Clannad After Story, and 
decided that, since I had heard about it via Fakku, and desperately needed
a place to talk about it, that I should do it here!
So now, I guess I'm kinda "on the forums". I plan to make this one of my 
"regular web-checkings" that I go to multiple times a day, so I guess 
you can expect to see me some."