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Elfen Lied


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July 29, 2008



The Random Squad is an old-school FAKKU clan. They are known for their rapid, IM-esque posting speed that led to Jacob having to create a sub-forum where post counts do not increase for their personal use, which was later named Incoherent Babbling. All the founding members reached Elder status within one week of joining as only Random existed back then. Their posting style became the basis of the culture observed in the Chat Topics and Forum Games forums today.


Their first thread, the Random Squad thread, was started at July 29, 2008 by Elfen Lied, running as one of the most active threads on Random, and then Incoherent Babbling at that time, until it was locked at Aug 30, 2008 by Mike at their 997th page. Despite so, they started many influential threads such as the Chat thread and Marriage thread.

The Random Squad grew immensely due to these threads and the active recruiting of members. They reached the tip of their power and influence in 2009. Towards the end of the year, due to internal disputes as well continuous joint attack from other FAKKU users, they slowly lost influence and most founding members have left FAKKU by 2010. Even though they no longer have any power or influence in FAKKU today, some of their threads have been preserved and are occasionally bumped up. Such threads include the Chat thread and the Marriage thread.

Due to unforeseen reasons, their original thread thread was unlocked by Mike on 22nd of March 2011, this incentive made some of the members start coming back to post again. The thread finally reached its 1000th page just about an hour after it was unlocked. However, in their absence, they have lost almost all their influence on the forums, with the spotlight mostly taken by the 2009-found clan A-team.


Shorlty after the Incoherent Babbling thread was locked in 2008, a forum was designed by Elfen and co-creators as a means to continue their random forum posting, away from Fakku. It was fairly successful, but due to restrictions and rules set upon by the domain owner, long-term member Falcon set out to make an entirely new forum. This forum was adopted and became fairly successful for the next 14 months, eventually meeting a decline in early 2010 with the mysterious disappearance of Falcon. Staff members Saibot, Magicalgnome and Moses joined AlexanderTheNine on a spinoff site, designed and ran by AlexanderTheNine and co-creator Blackbeard. In early 2011, this forum too saw a sharp decline, leading to the ressurection of the original Randomsquad forum, which had been abandoned but never closed down. Members Saibot, AlexanderTheNine and Moses were again the administrators for this forum until shortly after the re-opening, when members AlexanderTheNine and Moses resigned their administrative duties. The forum still runs today, but is scheduled to close their long-running Chatbox in January 2012Bold text

Elfen Lied got butthurt and cried about his thread being deleted for years. It was sad, really.