A section of the forums in which users can post about serious topics and discuss them with other users. Posts in this section generally have a great deal of thought given to them and make sure to stick to the topic. It is rare to find users spamming or trolling this section. Topics not meeting a certain expected level of intelligence are usually moved to Random or Incoherent Babbling. Users must refer to the featured sticky "SD - Rules and Guidelines" before posting, preferably. This forum was previously moderated by Hibia, but is now under the jurisdiction of Tegumi after a long period with no dedicated mod.

An example of a post in this section:

"I was thinking about the concept of right and wrong, and what is "morally" 
accepted in the public. As each new generation arrives, more and more things
are becoming acceptable to the general public. Like being more sexual and 
what not. What a person believes to be right might be wrong to another, and 
what you think of is right and wrong is usually derived from your parents 
correct? So when a person thinks of wrong and right, they're just basically 
thinking of what feels comfortable for them. If they feel that this or that 
is unfair or unreasonable, they would find that to be "bad". If the person 
believes that something makes them feel comfortable, they would believe that
is good.

I apologize(that's the only thing I seem to be doing) if the topic is not up
to class to and if the topic is not easily understood."