A section of the Fakku Forum in which users can talk about a particular non-hentai anime. This does not exclude the "ecchi" genre. Discussions in this section range from just general chatting to the making of sequels specific episodes or remakes. Like General Discussion, it may also contain posts about specific elements of a series (characters, plot, themes) but those topics usually don't talk about their relation to another series. Featured stickies include the "Master List of Anime Threads". Sub-forums include "Episode Discussion", where users can discuss newly released episodes for recent titles without "spoiling" it for the other users.

Example of a post in this section:

"For those of you who actually watched the second season of The Mechanoly of Haruhi Suzumiya so far you'll understand why I'm writing this topic. Seriously what's up with these people they're driving me insane. They repeated the same episode for like 5 times now I think. Apparently its because Haruhi has regrets over her summer vacation and keeps August 17-31th repeating and it seems no one can figure out what she wants.

So everybody can share their ideas here about what they think Haruhi wants. Or you could just express your anger against the producers unless you like the watching the same episode repeated over and over again."