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Example of a post in this section:

"I doubt this topic is going to be a hit with members, but I just have to talk about it. Along the way, you will understand my main reason for doing so.

A romance-comedy manga, illustrated by the creator of Black Cat, it depicts the high school life of Rito Yuuki, who is smitten with Haruna Sairenji, yet does not have the courage to express his love for her. After another failed attempt, Lala, an alien(?) from another planet appears mysteriously in his bathtub nude, while trying to escape from her father's matchmaking. Lala looks exactly like a human being, with the exception of a devil-like tail. Due to some misunderstanding, Lala believes that Rito wants to start a relationship with herself, leaving Rito in a fix, as his true love is Haruna... Will things change as the storyline progress?

I have always been an admirer of the artwork in Black Cat, but the genre wasn't to my taste. Now that a romance-comedy manga, filled with ecchi scenes, is out, I can't help myself from purchasing the first two volumes at a single go, and I am currently up to volume 6. Expect lots of ecchi scenes, weird gadgets and even tentacles, since it does have something to do with aliens.

How many of you have read the translated chapters online? "