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Tegumi is a Fakku forum Global Moderator. Best known for her arguably strict style of moderation, sarcasm, and religious use of image macros, Tegumi is most likely to be found on the Fakku IRC and Skype (invite only) channels.

"Fakku is the place where I go to observe the antics of the mentally handicapped and laugh at them behind veiled statements with a select few who are not mentally handicapped." [1]- Tegumi

April Fool's 2011Edit

Main article:  April Fool's 2011

With the previous year's 'metrosexual' approach riling many confused visitors, and the new idea playing to her forum sensibilities, events conspired to place Tegumi at centre stage for the great porn site parody of April Fool's Day 2011. Her subtler presence in an otherwise flagrantly homoerotic front page display beguiled many lurkers, who, stunned by the apparent paradox, seemed genuinely hell-bent on buying further pictures.

The response from the established forum userbase, alongside the shenanigans of Mike, was a lot of newly kindled love for glasses.


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