One of the great triumphs of the Fakku community, the uploads sections is where users can submit just about anything for other users to have. The categories for this section are: CG Sets, Flash Games, Manga and Doujinshi, Video Games, Visual Novels, Doujin Soft and Eroge, Music and Soundtracks, Torrents and Other.

Almost anything can be found in this section and if it does not already exist in the section then users may request it. In addition to the hentai already on the site a great deal more can be found after some digging through the user uploads.

An example of a post found in this section:

"Please do not +Rep me for these uploads, I'm just uploading for the sake of sharing this stuff. I would, however, appreciate +rep to counter any -rep I might get in this thread. If you feel like you really must thank me, then I urge you to leave a comment.

First and foremost, since this is a huge comic, (ranging from 200-300+ megs) I will upload it in rar file parts. It will be uploaded to mediafire. I'll use the comic cover as a thumbnail.(updated to title page of each one shot/series)

Some of them may contain: RAPE, HAPPY SEX, LOLI, SHOTA, GANGBANG, REVERSE GANGBANG, FUTA, TENTACLE or INCEST. Definitely has incest(try to figure out which). Never seen anything hardcore there really.

I'll update as soon as I upload them, so I will inform you when I edit."

Although the User Upload section gives the freedom to upload anything relevant, new users must refer to the "Uploading Rules" displayed at the bottom of the forum page.