The siteEdit

Fakku is a hentai website/forum. The number of registered users is no longer published, but an average of around 200 sign up every single day, with around 2000 posts made on the forums in the same time. Doujins on the site are sorted into categories for convienience, such as English, Newest, Artist, etc.. There are also areas of the site containing games and videos, as well as an image section which is currently disabled (but has been replaced by the Nosebleed forum). The site is updated every few days. Updates are not restricted to hentai but can also include announcements for forum games, and general messages to the community.

In recent days, Fakku has been plagued by a series of downtime and the abundance of broken links regarding the hentai doujin download. As a countermesure, several user volunteered to upload the doujin - which is gained by means of IRC or using the web viewer - into several third-party file hosting service such as depositfiles, hotfiles, and mediafire (which is preffered by most users)

Fakku's forums tend to be a fairly busy place as there are a multitude of sections one can post in. They include:


-Front Page News
-Feedback, Suggestions and Support
-Meet and Greet


-Incoherent Babbling
-Serious Discussion

Anime and MangaEdit

-General Discussion
-Specific Anime Series
-Specific Manga Series


-Manga, Doujinshi and Video Discussion
-User Uploads

Special InterestEdit

-Art and Digital Graphics
-Computers and Technology
-Cosplay and Conventions
-Dreams and Aspirations
-Figures, Models and Toys
-Food and Cooking
-Love, Romance and Relationships
-Mecha and Giant Robots
-Sports and Fitness
-Travel and Culture
-Video Games
-Visual Novels, Doujin Soft, and Eroge
-Writing (and Lemons)

Of course just like any other well run forum Fakku is not without its own set of rules.

They can be found here: Rules

There are also site administrators and moderators. They are listed here:

Administrators and Moderators